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Pump Performance

To capture minute by minute data on the following parameter
• Flow rate of the fluid
• Suction Pressure
• Discharge Pressure
• Power Consumed by a motor of the pump
• Overall Efficiency

The data shall be presented in graphical as well as tabulated format.

Scope & Coverage:

The study shall involve measuring and logging of the following data for the specified period (about twenty four hours).
• Flow rate of the fluid with the help of ultrasonic non-contact flow meter
• Pressure of the fluid at suction of the pump
• Pressure of the fluid at discharge of the pump
• Power drawn by the pump motor with the help of power analyzer
The following data shall be collected from the plant and inputted to ultrasonic non-contact flow meter
• Specific gravity of the chilled fluid

The logging interval for all the data shall be 1 minute.