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Water Conservation

The basic objectives of the studies shall be to conduct detailed water conservation studies and audit of the entire plant covering all the major water consuming equipments and systems including Cooling Water System, Boiler & Condensate System, Various Processes & Operations like Filtration, Drying, Scrubbing, etc. The studies shall cover

Purpose :

• Prepare complete heath check for water
• Identify potential area for reuse / recycle of water
• Identify potential area for conservation of water
• Suggesting methodologies to minimize the effluent
• Rain water harvesting
• Provide techno-economically feasible suggestions for optimize total cost & consumption of water
• Recommend effective measurement and monitoring system
• Suggest methodology for implementation
• Methodology to achieve zero discharge status

Coverage & Scope:

Water Accounting and Balancing
A detailed measurement & analysis is carried out to ascertain the consumption pattern.

Analysis of Major Equipments
The study evaluates actual consumption against theoretical requirements for all the major equipments to check wastages / losses. It identifies sources of loss and their contribution. The study suggests measures to optimize consumption by operating the equipments at specified parameters and with desired water consumption.

Study of distribution systems
The study evaluates losses through distribution / handling systems and suggests methods to optimize the same. The study also identifies the major source of losses and their contribution and suggests methods to optimize the same.

Study of processes and operations
The study evaluates performance of major processes and operations for efficient utilization of resources. The systems are studies to evaluate operating capacity and process efficiency. It identifies major areas for improvements and suggests methodologies to achieve the same.

Identification of Potential Areas
This involves overall analysis of various data to identify major potential gain areas & their contribution. The study tabulates all the major prospective resource saving areas and realistic saving potential through each of the areas.

The reports the various aspects as above; while also covering analysis of major equipments, distribution and utilization system, and opportunities for conservation of water with techno-economic feasibility analysis.