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Sustainability Studies

• Identify major contributors including energy, water, waste generation / disposal their impact on sustainability, with due quantification.
• Preparing breakup chart for individual contributor.
• Identify potential areas for improvement so as to enhance sustainability.
• Provide techno-economically feasible suggestions.
• Recommend effective measurement and monitoring system.
• Suggest methodology for implementation.

Coverage & Scope:

Accounting and Balancing

A detailed measurement & analysis is carried out to ascertain the consumption pattern and identify potential gain areas for all the major contributors, including.
• Energy Thermal as well as electrical
• Water
• Effluent Water
• Gaseous Emissions
• Solid Waste
• Impact due to any other forms

Performance of Major Contributors
The study evaluates performance of all the major contributors to check efficiency & effectiveness. It identifies sources of loss and their contribution. The study suggests measures to optimize performance and minimize the impact on sustainability.

Study of processes and operations
The study evaluates performance of major processes and operations for efficient utilization of resources. The systems are studies to evaluate operating capacity and process efficiency. It identifies major areas for improvements and suggests methodologies to achieve the same.

Identification of Potential Areas
This involves overall analysis of various data to identify major potential gain areas & their contribution. The study tabulates all the major prospective resource saving areas and realistic saving potential through each of the areas.

Audit Report
The reports the various aspects as above; while also covering analysis of major contributors, opportunities for improvements with techno-economic feasibility analysis.