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Advisory Services for Requirements under PAT

The basic objective of the studies shall be to provide all the necessary support to meet the obligations under PAT. The duration of the contract can be up to 48 months to encompass a complete PAT & M & V cycle. The services can include all the necessary support except M & V audit; since the same consultant is not allowed to provide these services under PAT regulations.

The studies can include

Stage I:

  • Interact with Energy Team to refine the roles & responsibilities, if required
  • Review the relevant data on production thermal & electrical energy.
  • Assist in preparing and maintaining the supporting documents.
  • Assist in filling up various forms including Form A under PAT Rule
  • Compute gate to gate SEC at the end of year.
  • Scheduling fuel analysis and reviewing the reports
  • Filling up the Form A at the end of each year
  • Assistance while preparation of list of Instruments with calibration frequency
  • Provide technical support regarding various requirements of SDA / BEE
  • Preparation of draft action plan based on the findings of mandatory energy audit.
  • Laying down steps and formulating procedure for PAT
  • Preparation of quarterly, half yearly and yearly reports as required
  • Provide necessary training / orientation on PAT Scheme and its preparedness

    Stage II:
  • Technical support during implementation of action plan
  • Support while preparation and submission of final action plan to SDA / BEE
  • Preparation of quarterly, half yearly and yearly reports as required
  • Technical assistance in decision making regarding energy conservation projects / suggestions
  • Periodically review the progress and prepare status report with respect to achieving the targeted SCE.

    Stage III:
  • Provide technical support to finalize the normalized SCE on completion of PAT Cycle after applying all possible normalization factors.
  • Formulating best possible compliance scenario, in consultation with the management
  • Provide assistance while selecting Empaneled Accredited Energy Auditor.
  • Assist while preparation of Form A and other assessment documents as required under PAT Scheme.
  • Providing support while Monitoring & Verification Audit conducted by Empaneled Accredited Energy Auditor.
  • Assist the Empaneled Accredited Energy Auditor while computing ESCERTs and preparing Form B.
  • Provide assistance for preparation replies to clarification / query raised by SDA or BEE on the any of the documents including Form A, Monitoring & Verification Report.
  • Progress review for the implementation of energy savings measures along with review of FORM 2 & 3.

  • Assistance for preparation of performance assessment document with the following
  • Proof of timely submission of report in Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 along with report for the target year.
  • Details of energy savings measures covering the detail description, investment along with documentary evidence with photographs
  • Improvement in energy savings achieved in every year following the baseline year until the target year.
  • Details of energy consumption norms and standards of the designated consumers in the baseline year, achievement made in every year following the base line year and up to the target year together with review and comments
  • Computation of ESCERTs along with the details of calculation
  • Assistance during Monitoring & Verification Audit by an EMAEA.

  • Mandatory Energy Audit (MEA):
    The Mandatory Energy Audit shall be carried out during the course of the contract.

    Support during Monitoring & Verification (M & V) Audit:

    All the necessary support can be provided during the Monitoring & Verification audit.