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Green Audit for Colleges

The basic objectives of the studies shall be to conduct audit of the entire premises covering all the major areas including Electrical Energy, Water, Waste, Infrastructure and Green IT Culture and the studies shall cover

1.Energy Audit & Efficiency Improvement including
a.Maximum Natural Lighting
b.Minimum Possible Lighting
c.Proper Ventilation in all rooms
d.Performance of Air Conditioners
e.Analysis of Energy Bills
f.Application of Renewable Energy

2.Water Quality & Conservation
a.Analysis of consumption
b.Opportunities of reuse / recycle of water
c.Rain water harvesting

3.Waste Production
a.Analysis of waste generation
b.Opportunities for waste minimization
c.In-house treatment

4.Enhance infrastructure usage

a.Movement on-campus (Distributed / non-distributed leading to crowds)
b.Inadequate parking space (or in inappropriate places)
c.Fire-fighting & fire escape system (Disaster management)
d.Draining system (especially from laboratories and washrooms)
e.Seepage in the building

5.Green IT culture
a.Possibilities of minimizing heat generation
b.Energy efficient systems
c. Paper-less communication
d.Re-using one sided paper for printing

Green Audit Report
A detailed report covering the various aspects above shall be furnished and presented during the course of the studies. The report shall also cover performance analysis of major equipments, distribution and utilization system. The report shall present opportunities for conservation of energy with techno-economic feasibility analysis.