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Implementation & Monitoring


• Supervision over project execution
• Measurement and verification of the actual savings / design parameters

Coverage & Scope:

Techno-supervisory support during implementation of our recommendations / execution of energy saving projects.

Evaluation of Techno-economic feasibility report
The report, if not prepared by us, shall be evaluated for

• Design basis and detail schematics including auxiliaries and accessories
• Projected energy generation with seasonal variations and deviations
• Capital costs
• Cost of auxiliaries and accessories
• Operation and maintenance expenses
• Expected energy generation and savings
• Economics including payback period, return on investment and sensitivity analysis

Project Consultancy
• Designing
• Detailing engineering
• Technical evaluation of proposals & recommendations
• Checking of design / drawing
• Inspection
• Supervision over erection and commissioning
• Validation of savings

Monitoring & Verification (M & V) Audit under PAT

The basic objectives of the studies shall be to conduct Monitoring & Verification Audit by an Empaneled Accredited Energy Auditor (EMAEA), in accordance with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2010 and furnish the report meeting all the mandatory requirements as stipulated in the regulations.

The audit shall be carried out as per the B E E guidelines and requirements and necessary certificates shall be issued. The audit shall cover

Monitor & verify the Performance Assessment Document (PAD) or Form A along with all supporting information prepared by you as a fulfilment of the compliance requirement of the PAT scheme. The Verification shall be carried out as per the Monitoring & Verification guideline issued by BEE with special reference to Textile sector.

During the process of M&V, we shall discuss and highlight its draft observations before finalizing the same.

If any observations are made to modify the prepared document, we shall provide adequate time to enable you for modification/rectification.

We shall discharge the responsibility of verification in a consultative manner with you or your representatives; while following the guidelines/protocol for M & V as issued by BEE.

After satisfactory verification of all the data/documents, we shall submit the verification report i.e. Form-B to Century Rayon with due signature of the AEA. This verification report shall be submitted within 5 days from the conclusion of all the M & V activities.