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Equipment Performance Studies

Power & Harmonic Assessment

The studies involve recording thermal as well as actual image of electrical system including panels, switch yard, capacitors to identify hot spots and opportunities for improvements.

The typical scope of the work covers

  • Installing Clamp-on Type Power & Harmonic Analyzer for the specified load for the predetermined period.
  • Gathering the key electrical parameters including total and individual harmonic up to 25 th level.
  • Analysing the data for load variation, harmonic levels, phase imbalance, etc.
  • Qualitatively assessing & categorizing the deviations, as applicable
  • Submitting the report

  • A team of one engineer is deputed to carry out the studies and furnishing the report. The field visit is typically for 5 to 6 hours; during which up to 10 measurements can be carried out depending upon initial preparations, conditions of piping systems and support from the plant team.