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Consultation for ISO Certification


Certification for
• Energy Management System â- ISO 50001
• Environmental Management System - ISO 14000
• Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services â- OHSAS 18001

Coverage & Scope:

• Survey of existing system organization and identification of areas of deficiencies /deviation with respect of the standard
• Conduct awareness program
• Elaboration of the system specification to all the staff members in the organization.
• Identify representative / officers from the staff to form the â"Core Group".
• Providing guidance to prepare various documentation including
    - Quality Manual
    - System / Operating Procedures
    - Work Instruction / Quality Forms

• Training to Core Group Members as per documented procedures.
• Introduction and Effective Implementation of the standard.
• Forming a team of Internal Auditors and Train them for auditing and improvements / corrective actions.
• Assisting in preparation of necessary documentation for certification
• Subjecting the organization for internal audits and Management Reviews to evaluate compliance of the system
• Assisting in providing all documentation / clarifications required to Certification body during pre-assessment by Certification body.
• Assisting to execute the pre assessment audit by certification body and preparation for final audit.
• Helping to close non-conformities, if any, after final audit by the certification body.