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Corporate Social Responsibility - Projects

• Identify relevant application from the field of renewable energy source like,
   1. Solar thermal
   2. Solar photovoltaic
   3. Bio-methanation / biogas plant
   4. Watershed management
   5. Solid waste management
• Preparation of comparative report with specific recommendations
• Preparation of road map for project execution
• Supervision over project execution
• Awareness programs for the stake holders including actual beneficiaries and team members
• Measurement and verification of the implementation

Coverage & Scope:

A detailed analysis of requirements to select the appropriate type and size of the renewable energy source, covering

Techno-economic feasibility report
The report shall cover comparative study with recommendations covering
• Design with Schematics
• Projected gains with seasonal variations and deviations
• Capital costs
• Cost of auxiliaries and accessories
• Operation and maintenance expenses
• Expected gains / energy generation and savings
• Economics including payback period

Project Consultancy
• Designing & Basic engineering
• Technical evaluation & recommendations
• Inspection
• Supervision over implementation
• Validation of savings