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As the name emphasizes, it's the synergy between US and YOU that alone can facilitate optimum utilization of energy. Senergy was founded with this concept in early 1990 and has grown up with the same. Senergy believe that ultimate aim of the study is actual realization of the savings. We provide frank and practical solutions. A base of over 1000 satisfied Clients with many repeat orders from their Sister / Associate Concerns, testimony of satisfaction level of our clients. Senergy is empanelled Consultant with Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) & Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). We have Accredited and Certified Energy Auditors by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.


• Thrive for actual realization of savings / improvements by providing
• Comprehensive analysis of all the major areas
• Practical and realistic suggestions
• Technical support for speedy implementation
• Troubleshooting assistance to eliminate teething difficulties
• Monitoring services to quantify actual savings and suggesting further improvements
• Annual services for monitoring
• Turnkey Implementation of suggestions


Provide total solutions to optimize resource utilization for perpetual benefits of our customers, the nation and the society at large.


• The ultimate aim of our consultancy is gain / savings for our Client
• We must strive to provide total solutions for resource conservation & productivity improvement
• We must always be with Clients till actual savings / gains are realized