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Equipment Performance Studies

Cooling Towers Efficiency & Performance:

The studies involve measuring flow of the cooling water, differential temperature across the tower, Enthalpy of ambient and exhaust air, air flow rate as well as motor input power to assess operating performance of the individual Cooling Tower.

The typical scope of the work covers

  • Measuring the flow of cooling water with non-contact ultrasonic transit time flow meter
  • Gauging temperature drop across the cooling tower with digital temperature indicator
  • Computing Heat Load on the cooling tower and delivered cooling effect
  • Determining fan Power with clamp on power meter
  • Noting down the ambient dry bulb and wet bulb temperature
  • Noting down the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the exhaust air
  • Measuring air flow rate to determine water to air ratio, if possible
  • Assessing the performance and suggesting ways for improvement, as applicable
  • Comparing the values with the design data to analyzing the gaps, if any.
  • Submitting the report

  • A team of two engineers is deputed to carry out the studies and furnishing the report. The field visit is typically for 5 to 6 hours; during which up to 16 measurements can be carried out depending upon initial preparations, type & conditions of units and support from the plant team.