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Equipment Performance Studies

Furnaces & Ovens Efficiency & Performance

The studies involve carrying out possible measurements to determine boiler efficiency by indirect method as well as the heat and mass balance computations to estimate the useful heat and to assess operating efficiency.

The typical scope of the work covers
  • Noting down quantity of material and temperature at feed / initial stage
  • Noting down quantity of material and temperature at outlet / final stage
  • Noting down maximum temperature of materia
  • Noting down energy consumption (fuel of electricity)
  • Noting down material characteristics required for heat and mass balance studies.
  • Measuring Oxygen, Carbon Mono-Oxide & Temperature Contents in flue gas at Air Preheater / Economizer outlet
  • Measuring Oxygen Contents in flue gas at outlet of APH & inlet of ID Fan.
  • Noting down surface temperature and area for the system (up to APH outlet)
  • Computing surface heat loss for the system
  • Analyzing heat loss through unburnt contents in ash based on inhouse data
  • Computing Combustion Efficiency of the thermopac,based on the inhouse coal properties
  • Estimating air ingress in Air Preheater, Bag Filter / Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)
  • Conducting heat and mass balance studies.
  • Computing Efficiency
  • Assessing the performance and suggesting ways for improvement, as applicable
  • Submitting the report

  • A team of one engineer is deputed to carry out the studies and furnishing the report. The field visit is typically for 5 to 6 hours; during which up to 4 measurements can be carried out depending upon initial preparations, conditions of motors and cabling systems and support from the plant team.